We help you to translate an idea into a visual story.

We are a video & photo production company with a diverse background in design, storytelling and communication, co-founded by Jonne Schoneveld and Thijs Berends. Due to our background in the upcoming digital world, we know what is trending and how to be creative. We care about every project we deliver to you.
We’ve helped multiple brands and organizations to tell their story or to cover their events, including brands like Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Suiker Unie, Centerparcs, University of Twente and more.

We see our productions as a process where we take you with us every step of the way. Together we create a project that counts. Even after delivery we like to stay in touch to see if our product did provoke your objectives and to support you with targeting your audience.

Our services are mainly focussed on video & photo production, yet we love to think along with your audio production, design, digital marketing or brand development needs! Let us know.


Video Production


Digital Strategy




Jonne Schoneveld

Creative Director, Audiovisual Designer & Prophet

jonne@solidfocus.nl | +31 6 29435159

Co-founder of SolidFocus, Albert Einstein of video, lover of good whiskey. A well-oiled-idea machine that runs on coffee. Supports creative flow by making low rumbling sounds when he sees something he likes. Uses his talents for wow-factor footage, as well as producing the tightest of websites. Allegedly studies Creative Technology, although his rare appearances make him a mythical phenomenon there: his creative drive makes him prefer nightlong YouTube tutorials over early morning lectures.


Thijs Berends

Technical Director, Audiovisual Designer & Guru

thijs@solidfocus.nl | +31 6 19208576

Co-founder of SolidFocus, CreaTor of Worlds, father of dragons. Besides making videos as smooth as silk, he makes sense of numbers and figures that are like hieroglyphs to others, taking care of our administration. The well-organized and brainy look is something he tries to oppose by riding his motorcycle often, Which he then drives across the country to find a balance between the busy lifestyle he has a love-hate relationship with. While able to sell sand to desert nomads, to this day nobody has ever seen Thijs successfully sell the word “no” to anyone.


Jaap Eijsker

Photographer, Word Wizard & Hermit

jaap@solidfocus.nl | +31 6 54381736

One of few chemical engineers very hard to identify as such, due to his free spirit and his creative brain. Being acknowledged as the true Gandalf of Words, he contributes a continuous stream of completely incoherent yet ingenious thoughts. With this visionary mentality and his state of mind directly related to the amount of bracelets he’s wearing that day, he always finds a way to capture simple moments and people in their true self.